Posted: 15th April 2022

Product Overview

Clients using OneTrust Vendorpedia to manage their portfolio of vendors can have Recorded Future's real time third party intelligence automatically added to their platform for convenient reference. With one simple click, the analyst can then pivot to Recorded Future for further in-depth details. This allows the analyst to quickly assess vendor risks and determine if risk mitigation is needed.

Faster vendor risk assessment: Validate assessments with objective intelligence.

Real-time continuous monitoring: Identify new risks as they arise.

Smarter risk remediation: Transparent access to remediation evidence grants leverage to more quickly and effective mitigate risk.

Challenges Overcome Through Integrations

Today’s increasingly complex and interconnected supply chain creates more opportunities than ever for malicious actors to cause damage to your business. Third-party data breaches are at an all-time high.

  • Lack of visibility into third-party risk landscape
  • Traditional vendor risk assessments are point-in-time and prone to error
  • Manual review efforts are resource-intensive and teams need a better way to prioritize and validate assessments

Integration Description

With Recorded Future’s Third-Party Intelligence integrated into OneTrust, risk management teams incorporate continuous cyber risk monitoring for every third-party organization in their ecosystems. Users gain unparalleled risk visibility in real-time, allowing them to quickly identify security incidents, malicious network activity, leaked credentials, and dark web attention.Third-party intelligence helps risk teams quickly prioritize and validate their vendor risk assessments.