Posted: 15th April 2022

Product Overview

Nucleus is a platform that unifies all vulnerability information in an enterprise, then automates vulnerability analysis, prioritization, and response, to help the organization make better risk decisions and mitigate vulnerabilities much faster than they can today.

Challenges Overcome Through Integration

An average large enterprise has 10 – 20 different vulnerability scanning tools in use, many of which identify vulnerabilities with CVE identifiers that Recorded Future monitors. Scanning tools do not provide the level of vulnerability intelligence needed to properly analyze and prioritize vulnerabilities. Currently, it is a manual process to correlate findings from vulnerability scan results with vulnerability intelligence feeds. These manual processes are too slow and labor-intensive to scale for large enterprises.

Integration Description

Nucleus integrates with Recorded Future to seamlessly correlate and enrich customer vulnerabilities discovered through vulnerability scanning and assessments. The Recorded Future risk score and enriched vulnerability information enables automation of vulnerability and risk prioritization and triage with the latest vulnerability information available, which is not available from scanning results.