Posted: 15th April 2022

Product Overview

Unified VRM is a Risk-based Vulnerability Management SaaS platform that reduces data noise, prioritizes remediation, and delivers powerful analytics and visualization to automate workflow, consolidate data sources, and improve reporting and metrics of VM programs.

Challenges Overcome Through Integration

By harnessing Recorded Future’s rich intelligence in NopSec’s Unified VRM, teams can gain holistic visibility, machine learning-based prioritization, and vulnerability-based analytics for risk assessment.

Traditional scanners create data overload, making it difficult to extract actionable insight, and they provide poor business and threat context.

Siloed process ownership across the VRM life cycle creates misaligned objectives and priorities across infrastructure, endpoint, security, and application teams. This causes remediation delays and creates windows for exploitation that can result in costly breaches.

Finally, the manual processes related to data collection, analysis, prioritization, and reporting waste valuable employee time and create significant inefficiencies.

Integration Description

The integration between NopSec and Recorded Future allows security responders to reduce vulnerability data noise and gives you the context you need to prioritize your vulnerabilities and prevent attacks that are based on exploitability using real-time data.