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Nevelex Labs

Nevelex Labs

Product Overview

Security Flow is a new automation and orchestration tool for corporate security and IT. Security Flow helps companies integrate their diverse security tools, enabling them to harness the full value of each product with ease, saving significant time and money. Security Flow has three primary differentiators:

  1. Licensing model price accommodates unlimited actions and unlimited seats without increasing costs.

  2. Batch of Professional Service hours to launch Security Flow are included with licensing.

  3. Broadcast event mechanism to help decouple flows (playbooks) from plugins (integrations).

Challenges Overcome Through Integration

  • Automated gathering of threat intel on IoCs within security incidents
  • Reducing security analyst’s work by automating incident threat analysis and response. Analysts can then focus on the high value work, resulting in stronger, more securely defended corporate networks.
  • Simplified flow (playbook) construction by supporting broadcast events.

Integration Description

  • Reduces the mean time of a response to a Phishing incident by automated gathering of threat intelligence.
  • Proactive Information Sharing to Help Prevent Malware and Ransomware Attacks: Improves existing security infrastructure by integrating information exchange between Recorded