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Product Overview

LinkShadow, Next-generation cybersecurity analytics platform, is designed to manage threats in real-time with attacker behavioural analysis. LinkShadow is meant for organizations that are looking to enhance their defences against advanced cyberattacks, zero-day malware and ransomware while simultaneously helping organizations to gain a rapid insight into the effectiveness of their existing security investment and risk posture.

LinkShadow Machine Learning capabilities automates analysis and model building using algorithms that enable organizations to proactively search for advanced threats through big data. LinkShadow uses machine learning, statistical analysis and other algorithms to baseline behavior of each and every single entity and user in the organisation to know what is normal and what is not.

Challenges Overcome Through Integration

The Recorded Future and LinkShadow integration allows organizations to diminish and utilize time in their fight against cyber-crimes by consolidating multiple sources of data. It helps in detection of malware, C&C, phishing, Ransomware and other malicious activity based on Recorded Future intelligence and enrichment with Recorded Future contextualized intelligence to improve remediation time combined with other detections from LinkShadow Analytics Platform.


Integration Description

The Recorded Future integration with LinkShadow allows clients to upload a Recorded Future collection of known malicious IP addresses, domain or hashes into LinkShadow threat detection system for correlation against client’s network data to detect malicious traffic and generate findings for review, combined with other anomalous activities that increase the accuracy of detection and decrease remediation time.


Once matches are detected from the Recorded Future collections, users are able to drill down into valuable information under shadow360, including the malicious traffic, its details and activities before and after the incident.