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Avalon from King & Union aggregates data feeds into a single workspace, allowing analysts to visualize threats, collaborate in real time, and more easily manage threat data.

Product Overview

King & Union’s flagship product, Avalon, is a threat analytics platform built with collaboration at its core. Avalon provides a dynamic workspace where security operators and analysts can lean in, cut through the noise, and reduce the time to address threats from hours to minutes. The platform provides access to truly unique and exclusive data sources, automating repetitive workflows and leveraging real-time collaboration to deliver unparalleled insight and full context based on facts.

Challenges Overcome Through Integration

Avalon addresses three challenges for threat intelligence analysts with Recorded Future data. These include visualization of relationships between pieces of information, real-time collaboration between investigators who are working on the same threat, and allowing investigators to easily make their investigations operationally useful.


Integration Description

The integration between Avalon and Recorded Future allows users to query Recorded Future data within an Avalon investigation and visualize relationships between pieces of information directly. Users can input their Recorded Future API key into the Avalon platform, and queries run through Avalon will be automatically displayed in a graphical format.