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Rapid7 InsightConnect

Product Overview

Rapid7 InsightConnect is a security orchestration and automation response (SOAR) solution to accelerate, streamline, and integrate your teams and tools. When you use InsightConnect, you can run your multi-solution processes automatically, and free up your security team’s bandwidth to tackle other challenges. InsightConnect workflows seamlessly map your security stack into automated processes with APIs, Insight products, and over 240 plugins. When you need to involve your team, InsightConnect centralizes data from your security tools so your team can take efficient action.

Joint Integration Description

Today’s ever-changing security landscape makes it nearly impossible for time-strapped security operations and incident response teams to mitigate every potential threat to their organization. Overwhelmed by manual processes and high alert volume, they’re unable to take advantage of the breadth of intelligence available, instead they focus only on internal logs and data. Security teams need a platform that centralizes intelligence in real time and harnesses that information to drive action across security infrastructures.

To meet these challenges, Recorded Future empowers security teams with improved threat visibility and accelerated incident response. Integrating comprehensive, real-time intelligence into the security orchestration and automation features of Rapid7 InsightConnect solves for the following use cases:

  • Proactively block threats before they impact your business
  • Automatically detect risky IOCs in your environment
  • Triage alerts faster with elite, real-time intelligence
  • Respond quickly with transparency and context around internal telemetry data
  • Improve analyst efficiency by centralizing collaboration, investigation, and documentation
  • Shorten your decision-making cycle by automating key tasks with analyst reviews

Use Cases

Threat Detection: The explosive growth of indicators makes detecting real threats extremely resource-intensive for already overwhelmed security teams. Recorded Future connects the dots between the broadest range of sources across every language. This intelligence and critical context enables Rapid7 InsightConnect to automatically analyze and identify IOCs related to phishing attacks, malware, and command-and-control servers, empowering security teams to automate responses and reduce risk for the organization.

Alert Triage: With the Recorded Future and Rapid7 InsightConnect integration, analysts see which alerts should be prioritized based on a real-time risk score that is backed by transparent evidence. An enrichment playbook automatically prioritizes alerts, quickly discounts false positives, identifies the most significant threats, and takes immediate action.

Threat Prevention: Armed with proprietary, evidence-based findings, organizations are able to automatically identify and block high-risk utilize IPs, URLs, hashes, and domains at the perimeter, minimize false positive blocking, automate incident response, and improve overall security posture.

Vulnerability Prioritization: Recorded Future provides necessary, real-time context around disclosed vulnerabilities based on the organization’s technologies, industry, company, and more. By positioning direct access to evidence on the new and exploited vulnerabilities impacting their assets within Rapid7 InsightConnect, organizations are enabled to produce deeper analysis and prioritize CVEs faster.