Posted: 15th April 2022

Product Overview

Health-ISAC provides a unique opportunity where threat intelligence is shared by members for the benefit of the community. The real-time sharing allows for members to quickly ascertain if they have been impacted, with the context provided by Recorded Future to effectively triage the criticality of events for prioritized response remediation.

Challenges Overcome Through Integration

The collaboration of Recorded Future and Health-ISAC Threat Intelligence provides a robust platform that enables incident response teams to operate with heightened proficiency. Real-time enrichment fosters timely contextual findings to assist in triaging security events within member organizations. Enhanced descriptions of targeted threats and vulnerabilities facilitates member remediation efforts and prioritization of protective measures while securing critical infrastructure.

Integration Description

Integration of Recorded Future and Health-ISAC intelligence provides real-time data sourced directly from the Health-ISAC community allowing member organizations to proactively protect and defend their networks. The delivery of information related to threats and vulnerabilities in a robust package incorporated with meaningful context provides Health-ISAC members with threat intelligence indicators that have far greater confidence scores.

Threat intelligence provided through Health-ISAC information sharing channels can be automatically pulled from secure feeds and developed into actionable intelligence that is critical to the protection of member organization networks. Health-ISAC’s integration with Recorded Future allows member teams to better allocate the efforts of analysts and tailor the threat intelligence platforms used to monitor their networks accordingly.

Interested in learning more? Watch our latest webinar with H-ISAC to learn more about how you can use the integration to confidently automate workflows: