Integration Spotlight: Farsight Security

Integration Spotlight: Farsight Security

Gain valuable insight into adversaries’ networks with Recorded Future and Farsight Security.

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Product Overview

Farsight DNSDB is the world's largest and most comprehensive DNS intelligence database. Updated in real time with over 200,000 observations per second, DNSDB enables contextualization of all threat data to enable security, network, and infrastructure teams to respond quicker using clear, correlated, and contextualized threat intelligence data.

Challenges Overcome Through Integration

Every online transaction — good or bad — begins with a DNS lookup and leaves a trail of that activity. Passive DNS shines a light on this trail to provide invaluable, actionable intelligence for security analysts to expose bad actors, their associates, and the networks involved.

Farsight Security collects and processes more than 200,000 passive DNS observations per second. It has the world’s largest historical passive DNS database, with more than 13 billion domain names.


Integration Description

DNSDB enables users to quickly add DNS intelligence to Recorded Future Intel Cards to expand an investigation by examining applicable DNS records such as multiple A records and nameserver (NS) changes over the history of the domain.

Recorded Future, combined with Farsight’s passive DNS intelligence, contains a wealth of insights about global threat actors, their methods, and associated technical indicators — organized in a single view on Intel Cards.