Integration Spotlight: EclecticIQ

EclecticIQ and Recorded Future integrate to automate analyst’s workflows in order to deliver unique insights and more effective threat identification.

Product Overview

EclecticIQ Platform is the analyst-centric threat intelligence platform based on STIX/TAXII that meet the full spectrum of intelligence needs. The platform is integrated with top threat intelligence providers and automates the analyst workflow to deliver unique insights and more effective threat identification.

Challenges Overcome Through Integration

Analysts are expected to gain and maintain situational awareness of their threat landscape. Currently, they’re spending time battling with the challenge of consolidating multiple sources of data and coping with the integration requirements to different systems instead of performing the valued work of threat intelligence analysis.

Integration Description

By using the EclecticIQ Platform, organizations benefit from having a threat intelligence platform that provides consolidated and contextualized intelligence from multiple sources. This gives them a more comprehensive view of their ever-changing threat landscape. With Recorded Future, analysts have access to contextualized indicators, such as domain names, files, IP addresses, and vulnerabilities. Integrating Recorded Future also means that analysts don’t need to leave the EclecticIQ Platform — everything is at their fingertips which saves time and minimizes the number of tools open at once increasing the effectiveness of the valuable analyst resource.

Twitter: @eclecticiq