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Microsoft Azure

As the attack surface grows, security teams are seeing more and more events each day. However, with too little time and not enough context on the activity in their cloud environment, there’s no way to connect the dots between data in Microsoft Azure services and the external risk of any detected threats. This slows responses and potentially enables relevant threats to slip through the cracks.

Resolve security threats 63% faster
Relevant insights, integrated with Microsoft Azure drive faster, more informed security decisions

Identify 22% more security threats before impact
Recorded Future delivers relevant cyber threat insights in real time – empowering you to identify threats faster

Improve security team efficiency by 32%
Easily access the information you need, when you need it, to disrupt adversaries and reduce risk to your organization

The Recorded Future and Microsoft Azure integration helps to:

  • Proactively blocks threats in Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection before they impact the business
  • Automatically detect risky IOCs in Microsoft Azure Sentinel
  • Triage alerts faster with elite, real-time intelligence
  • Respond quickly with transparency and context around internal telemetry data
  • Maximize your investment in Microsoft Azure

We have released four Azure playbooks, available on Github, which can be used to automatically ingest Recorded Future data into Microsoft Azure so you can quickly and easily make decisions and enrich IPs with intelligence. For more information on these playbooks and how you can create your own playbooks leveraging Recorded Future information, read our blog.