Posted: 25th May 2022

Product Overview

The Recorded Future integration for Analyst1 combines Recorded Future intelligence with other intelligence sources. Analyst1 ingests and monitors Risk Lists which customers enable, tracking the Risk Score and Risk Rules per indicator, synthesizing this with the customer’s own research in the Analyst1 platform. This provides CTI operations complete visibility to current threats by incorporating Recorded Future’s intelligence and empowers SOC response based on comprehensive date.

Operationalize Intelligence

The Recorded Future and Analyst1 joint integration provides client’s with the ability to operationalize intelligence with security teams and the tools they already use.

Enrich Indicators

Leverage Recorded Future intelligence within Analyst1 to effectively prioritize threats and be proactive in blocking and mitigating potential threats.

Analyst1 was founded by cybersecurity analysts that defend critical government networks and engineers that created new cyber capabilities for the DOD and intelligence community to enable intelligence-driven operations for cybersecurity analysts. Their platform makes intelligence actionable, makes Cyber Threat Intel (CTI) workflows efficient, and enables Security Operations Centers (SOCs) to prioritize and prescribe cyber defense actions effectively.