Trusted & independent intelligence, only from Recorded Future.

In intelligence, trust has to be earned. When analysts and decision makers are able to trust intelligence sources, it means they find them credible, unbiased, accurate, and timely. Most importantly, the trusted intelligence enables them to take decisive action and make critical decisions.

Trusted & independent intelligence, only from Recorded Future.

Independent Intelligence from Recorded Future is trusted by:

  • Over 1,000 customers and 6,000 users globally and growing by over 50% every year
  • Governments of 32 countries
  • 10 of the top global banks
  • 8 of top 10 global tech companies
  • 4 of 5 top US health insurance companies
  • A third of the Global 100
  • Top 3 global energy companies

The only source of independent intelligence.

Our goal is simple and direct; it is to always provide intelligence analysts and leaders can trust but also know is encompassing of all available sources, free of bias, and can be used to make their own assessments on what is best for their organization.

This is not the case for all intelligence providers as many have been acquired or have merged with larger entities and can no longer guarantee that their solution or analysis isn’t being influenced by what is “best for the parent company” in terms of their technical bias or only taking into account a single source of intelligence.

By basing collection on your mission and needs, having the most diverse and widest range of sources, delivering intelligence where your analysts need it most, and independence-led product development, Recorded Future remains an independent intelligence company and our ability to deliver trusted intelligence remains intact.

Our formula for trusted intelligence: Human + Machine Analysis

In today's world, the information you need is often hard to find because it’s dispersed, nearly impossible to collect from all available sources, and is always changing, which requires continuous updates to ensure that it’s timely and relevant. Analysts can always get their hands on more data, but they need help spending less time collecting and processing data and more time identifying and responding to threats, conducting deep analysis, and sharing findings internally and externally. The good news is that with the context and correlation derived from Recorded Future’s human + machine approach, the help they need already exists.

Unlike companies who focus more on human or machine capabilities, at Recorded Future we understand how important the combination of machine and human elements of collection, processing, and analysis are to having high performing security and intelligence teams. Because of this we pair together advanced and proprietary machine and automation capabilities with our human expertise through our expert research team, the Insikt Group, and combine them within our Intelligence Graph to provide real-time context and correlation.

Integrate intelligence into your existing security and risk mitigation workflows

For security analysts, external tools can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, tools can help them be more efficient, augment manual tasks, and drive them to actionable outcomes. On the other hand, too many tools can slow down their workflows, extend training and learning curves, and cause confusion. More tools aren’t always the answer, but more effective use of existing tool investments is sure to improve their ability to respond quickly and mitigate threats.

At Recorded Future, our approach does not layer intelligence on top of existing teams and processes, but rather it integrates it into existing teams and processes. This is why the Recorded Future Intelligence Platform acts as the central hub of intelligence ---integrating into systems and team workflows within the security technologies already in use.

Intelligence for all – Take action across your entire organization with trusted intelligence

Intelligence isn’t just for three letter agencies, mature organizations, or cyber and physical security teams. Intelligence can be used and integrated into teams across the whole organization to help understand different types of risk, surface threats, and take immediate action.

Whether you are a Tier 1 SOC analyst looking at tactical cybersecurity alerts, a supply chain risk leader identifying potential supply chain vulnerabilities for your vendors, a seasoned threat analyst researching and tracking threats from nation-state actors, or a team that looks at strategic global geopolitical trends or physical security risks, you will be able to trust Recorded Future’s intelligence to support your mission: to mitigate business and security risk.

Recorded Future’s ability to support a wide range of critical use cases allows intelligence to be tailored and delivered directly to teams across your entire organization.

Recorded Future’s innovative intelligence earned us the overall threat intelligence market leader position in the 2021 Frost Radar TM