Timeline of Hezbollah Driven Drones Over Israel

Posted: 1st May 2013
Timeline of Hezbollah Driven Drones Over Israel

Late last week, the Israeli military claimed it shot down a drone several miles off the coast of Haifa. The Israeli government immediately suggested the drone belonged to Hezbollah although the militant group’s leader Hassan Nasrallah has since denied responsibility. The latter piece of information is interesting in light of their loudly voiced claims of success related to previous drone operations over Israel.

Below we use a timeline from Recorded Future to visualize Hezbollah’s publicly reported drone activity since 2006.

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The transformation of capabilities is interesting to follow: from devices in 2006 considered to be “suicide UAVs” to reconnaissance drones to  the alleged acquisition in late 2010 of Iranian-made long-range Karrar drones capable of long-rang attack missions. Watch for further developments as Iran introduced a radar evading drone in mid-April and claims it will announce a new long-range drone this month.

You can use Recorded Future to investigate this topic yourself starting with a pre-built report entitled Hezbollah’s Drones