Future Digest: Carbon Nanotube Materials, Wireless Networks, and Monitoring WMD Proliferation

November 21, 2012 • Chris

Our weekly digest of issues to follow now and in the future using live visualizations from Recorded Future.
Carbon nanotubes replacing electronics materialsNanotubes

“Nanocomp Technologies will be supplying carbon nanotube yarn to replace copper in airplanes in 2014.”

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The future of wireless service as Google gets into the game

“Meanwhile, a fixed revenue agreement with Sprint will keep Clearwire afloat while it prepares for a high-speed wireless service upgrade in five markets by the middle of next year.”

What companies are starting 2013 with leadership changes?

“Intel CEO Paul Otellini to step down in May, leaves a legacy of x86 dominance.”

What upcoming events impact WMD proliferation policy?

“… Iran plans to attend the conference on a WMD-free zone in the Middle East to take place in Helsinki later this year.”

What’s happening now…
Muslim world protests against Gaza conflictGaza Protests

“In Srinagar in Indian-administered Kashmir, anti-Israel demonstrators condemned Tel Aviv’s ‘barbaric aggression’ in Gaza.”

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Organizations at work on railgun technology

“Both General Atomics and BAE Systems have already started working on concept designs for a next-generation prototype EM Railgun with improved firing rates.”

DR Congo facing rebel threat near Uganda, Rwanda border

“U.N.-backed Congo troops battled to halt a rebel advance on the city of Goma, in the country’s latest flare-up.”

Protests and labor issues planned for holiday season

“[UK Uncut] said it will transform Starbucks stores into ‘refuges, creches and homeless shelters’ to show how the [government spending] cuts are having a disproportionate effect on women.”