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May 20, 2020 • The Recorded Future Team

How do you describe vulnerability management in your organization? If terms like “rat race” or “hamster wheel” come to mind, you’re not alone. As Gartner analyst Anton Chuvakin wrote in a recent blog post, “However hard you run, 90% of vulnerabilities stay because as you fix the old ones, new ones appear. Rinse, repeat, forever.”

Last year alone, nearly 17,000 new vulnerabilities were published, and of those, nearly 10,000 (57%) were classified as having “high” or “critical” severity. It’s pretty much impossible to tackle them all manually — so, which vulnerabilities really need your attention?

There is good news, however: As organizations rapidly expand their digital footprints and new vulnerabilities grow exponentially, only 5.5% of all vulnerabilities are ever actually exploited in the wild. If only there was a way to instantly prioritize your patching efforts based on the most relevant vulnerabilities.

Now there is — and it’s free!

Recorded Future Express: Elite Security Intelligence for Free

Recorded Future Express is our new browser extension that delivers elite security intelligence at zero cost.

With access to real-time risk scores for any IP address, domain, hash, and CVE appearing on any webpage, you can instantly understand which vulnerabilities are actually risky, so you can patch those first.

The best part (besides being completely free) is that you can access all of this elite intelligence directly over your vulnerability management solution — no extra steps or workflow changes required!

How Express Makes Vulnerability Management Manageable

Recorded Future uses a powerful combination of machine and human analysis — fusing open source, dark web, technical sources, and original research — to gather our security intelligence. The Express browser extension puts everything we know about any vulnerability, domain, hash, or IP address directly at your fingertips.

All of this data is aggregated into categories called risk rules, which are color-coded by severity. Risk rules are then assigned an overall risk score from zero to 99, determined by which rules are currently triggered.

Each indicator type has a distinct set of risk rules that make up its risk score. The highest severity level associated with an indicator determines its base score:

  • Very Malicious: 90
  • Malicious: 65
  • Suspicious: 25
  • Unusual: 5

We score vulnerabilities based on actual exploitability, so vulnerability management teams have the context they need to identify and confidently prioritize risks, patch problematic vulnerabilities fast, and minimize expensive off-cycle patches. Additionally, our patented machine learning automatically detects reporting of new observables — from vulnerabilities and exploits, to threat actors targeting your specific organization and industry — so you can proactively monitor your tech stack for vulnerabilities and minimize risk.

Check out this quick e-book to learn more about how you can use Express to instantly prioritize vulnerabilities, enrich indicators, and jump-start investigations. Then, download Express today to start focusing efforts on the vulnerabilities that present real risk to your organization.

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