Seamlessly combine intelligence gathered from the widest breadth of available sources with other threat feeds, notes from your own threat analysts for collaboration, and finished intelligence from Recorded Future’s research team in a single solution.

Analyze Threat Data From Any Source

Centralize all your threat intelligence data into our single SaaS platform, combining Recorded Future’s own context-rich intelligence with data from ISACs, security solutions, or any other threat feed. This additional data is then analyzed by our Threat Intelligence Machine to organize and present intelligence that’s relevant.

Fine Tune Intelligence for Integration

With Recorded Future you can customize the intelligence you integrate with your security infrastructure. By fine tuning the types of intelligence you want to use and allowing the creation of blacklists and whitelists for known indicators, you’ll ensure less noise and increased efficiency.

Upload Analyst Research Instantly

Collaborate rapidly on analysis and intelligence by adding your own notes to threat-related entities in Recorded Future. These notes are instantly available across your organization, can be searched by your team, and viewed in relevant Intel Cards.