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Introducing Recorded Future’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Application

June 24, 2013 • Chris

Today, we’re excited to introduce our cyber threat intelligence application, Recorded Future Cyber. Together with our existing analyst tools, this new capability enables security teams to uniquely leverage web intelligence in support of information assurance and cyber situational awareness.

We view the web as an immensely rich resource for signals of cyber threats, but recognize its lack of structured information challenge analysts in maintaining a real-time view of the cyber landscape.

Our breakthrough web intelligence platform aggregates, organizes, and effectively surfaces indicators of threats and attacks reported in open web sources. This information is now available in Recorded Future Cyber.

Cutting-Edge Tools for Monitoring the Cyber Landscape

The cyber application, shown below, is structured around fine-grained trend signals across four classes of cyber entities:

  • Attackers
  • Operations
  • TTPs
  • Targets

Custom Tuning Cyber Application

Click image for larger view

Those four classes are displayed in independent columns as shown in the above screen capture. Entities belonging to any of those four classes are constantly evaluated for the volume and velocity of cyber related references, shifts in discussion trends, and their relationships to high value target(s). Each entity is color coded according to its current threat level based on the aforementioned signals. This provides a continuously updated view of the cyber landscape as reported in the open source.

Combine the real-time monitoring application with billions of facts already gathered and collated from the open web, and analysts have immediate access to a concise package of intelligence. These tools unlock the analytical value of the web to give defenders better real-time understanding of cyberattack trends, anticipated threats, and patterns of past operations.

Your Next Step

If you believe your company needs better protection against cyber threats then go here to learn more.

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