Cross-language Social Media Analysis

Posted: 2nd August 2012
Cross-language Social Media Analysis

A very cool article by our friends over at Basis Tech discusses the need for in-language analysis, particularly in the social media space. Recorded Future leverages Basis language tools behind the scenes for in-language analytics in real time, and machine translation tools on the front-end (after the text extraction is completed) to assist analysts. Basis has pulled together some compelling facts which we’ve pasted below. Further down the page you can play with these results firsthand.

Check out their article for the full story:

Which Countries are Facebook Users Located In?
(for 2010)
Country Number of Users
1. United States 146,805,000
2. Indonesia 31,784,080
3. United Kingdom 28,935,380
4. Turkey 24,143,980
5. France 20,469,420
6. Philippines 18,901,900
7. Mexico 18,243,080
8. Italy 17,812,800
9. Canada 17,522,780
10. India 16,915,900
Which Countries are Twitter Users Located In?
% of Twitter users from each country (data taken October-December 2009)
1. US (50.88%)
2. Brazil (8.79)
3. UK (7.20)
4. Canada (4.35)
5. Germany (2.49)
6. Indonesia (2.41)
7. Australia (2.39)
8. Netherlands (1.32)
9. India (1.27)
10. Japan (1.22)
Here’s a look at Recorded Future multi-lingual results from social media, blogs and more regarding future protests:
Multilingual Social Media Analysis
Click for the live view