Category: Research

Thieves and Geeks: Russian and Chinese Hacking Communities

October 10, 2018 • Winnona DeSombre and Dan Byrnes

Insikt Group analyzed posts, advertisements, and interactions within criminal forums to explore the organization of Chinese and Russian hacking communities.

90 Days of GDPR: Minimal Impact on Spam and Domain Registration

August 28, 2018 • Allan Liska and Bruce Liska

Our researchers find that there has not only not been an increase in spam since the GDPR went into effect, but the volume of spam has been on the decline.

Apache Struts Vulnerability POC Code Found on GitHub

August 24, 2018 • Allan Liska

Insikt Group provides insight into a new vulnerability found in the Apache Struts framework, consequently making all installations potentially vulnerable.

Ar3s Avoids Lengthy Prison Term After Cooperating With Authorities

August 24, 2018 • Alexandr Solad

Insikt Group offers new details based on recently disclosed information about the prison release of Ar3s, known as the co-developer of the Andromeda botnet.

Chinese Cyberespionage Originating From Tsinghua University Infrastructure

August 16, 2018 • Insikt Group®

Following research uncovering the Chinese RedAlpha campaigns, Insikt Group identifies a novel Linux backdoor deployed against the same Tibetan victim group.

Pavlov’s Digital House: Russia Focuses Inward for Vulnerability Analysis

July 16, 2018 • Priscilla Moriuchi and Dr. Bill Ladd

Insikt Group examines the publication speeds and utility of Russia’s vulnerability database with results suggesting sustained control of the Russian state.

Military Reaper Drone Documents Leaked on the Dark Web

July 10, 2018 • Andrei Barysevich

See how direct threat actor interaction allowed Insikt Group to discover MQ-9 Reaper drone documents and other leaked military information on the dark web.

RedAlpha: New Campaigns Discovered Targeting the Tibetan Community

June 26, 2018 • Insikt Group®

The Insikt Group analyzes new malware targeting the Tibetan community and provides a detailed analysis of RedAlpha campaigns and associated infrastructure.

Uncover Unseen Malware Samples With No Distribute Scanners

June 14, 2018 • Daniel Hatheway and Diana Granger

In this analysis, Insikt Group highlights how Recorded Future metadata collected from no distribute scanners can be used to proactively investigate malware.

North Korea Relies on American Technology for Internet Operations

June 6, 2018 • Priscilla Moriuchi and Fred Wolens

This analysis by Recorded Future's Insikt Group reveals the overwhelming presence of American hardware and software on North Korean networks and in daily use by senior North Korean leaders.