Why Brand Intelligence Is Critical to Your Reputation

Posted: 8th September 2020
Why Brand Intelligence Is Critical to Your Reputation

Your brand is your organization’s backbone when it comes to building your customers’ trust and maintaining their loyalty. Typosquat websites, data and credential leaks, and command-and-control attacks are just a few examples of how threat actors may attack your brand. And the repercussions are devastating — ranging from lost credibility with customers, to widespread distrust, to massive financial losses.

Protecting your brand is critical. However, more often than not, organizations are blindsided by cyberattacks targeting their brand. That’s because most security professionals have limited visibility outside of their own organizations’ network — and zero visibility into the nefarious corners of the web where cybercriminals are known to plan and launch attacks.

Too frequently, analysts spend valuable time pouring over disconnected keyword-based data points to find cyberattacks that have already begun chipping away at their brand’s integrity. An effective brand protection solution shouldn’t merely hack together old data points — it needs to deliver relevant and contextual intelligence to prevent attacks from happening in the first place.

Brand Monitoring Alone Isn’t Enough

Many organizations start building their strategy around a brand monitoring solution only to eventually learn that it doesn’t sufficiently protect their brand. Brand monitoring solutions are great for surfacing mentions of your brand on open web sources. However, simply monitoring for brand mentions isn’t enough to detect and prevent cyberattacks. For that you need dynamic brand intelligence.

Brand Intelligence From Recorded Future

Brand intelligence is a precision solution that takes brand monitoring to the next level by surfacing the most relevant and actionable brand mentions. It’s not enough to know every mention of your brand on major social media platforms. To truly protect your brand, you need to strategically surface the company, product, and brand mentions that indicate your brand is potentially under attack. This includes intelligence around leaked credentials, copycat domains, phishing, and more.

Dynamic brand intelligence at scale empowers security teams to proactively detect and take action against brand attacks in real time — before they damage the business.

The Brand Intelligence Module

Recorded Future’s Brand Intelligence Module provides unmatched visibility into threats that were previously difficult or impossible for organizations to identify. By collecting data and intelligence from an unrivaled quantity and variety of open, closed, and technical sources, the brand intelligence module delivers the context you need to proactively defend your brand against cyberattacks. We even assist you in taking down attacks with built-in takedown services that go the last mile to simplify and expedite the removal of malicious content from the internet.

Recorded Future combines analytics with human expertise to produce elite security intelligence that disrupts adversaries at scale. More than simply monitoring keywords, dynamic brand intelligence enables you to instantly identify relationships between emerging threats, your brands, and your infrastructure to deliver easy-to-consume brand intelligence. Proactively detect brand attacks as they surface — and take them down before they damage your business. Recorded Future makes it easy to protect your brand by empowering you to detect and take action against:


    • Data and Credential Leaks — Manually searching for leaked company data and credentials on paste sites and the dark web is next to impossible, not to mention dangerous. Recorded Future instantly processes information across these sites — including criminal forums that sell sensitive data — and instantly alerts you when there is a data or credential leak involving your brand. We even cache these posts for you to review and escalate.


    • Infrastructure Risk — Continuous monitoring for threats against your infrastructure is the only way to proactively prevent attacks that could have otherwise launched undetected. Recorded Future delivers configurable alerts around your domains and IP addresses that empower you to swiftly secure your network when there are malicious mentions of your organization’s assets.


    • Brand Attacks — As mentioned earlier, organizations often start their brand protection efforts with brand monitoring solutions. But closed criminal-access forums, social media channels, and foreign language sites are the real breeding ground for threat actors’ ploys. Most brand monitoring solutions don’t reach these corners of the web. Recorded Future does — instantly detecting, alerting you, and empowering you to take action — regardless of where your brand is mentioned in reference to a cyberattack.


  • Industry Threats — If cybercriminals are targeting your industry or your peers, it is likely that they’ll be knocking on your door next. Recorded Future surfaces known and emerging threats to your industry and organizations like yours, empowering you to proactively defend against the very risks that threaten your brand and infrastructure.

See Brand Intelligence In Action Right Now

Brand intelligence arms organizations with unmatched visibility to proactively protect their brand. By surfacing relevant and actionable intelligence, it enables you to defend your organization from the most common brand attacks. See Recorded Future’s Brand Intelligence Module in action right now — watch the short, on-demand webinar, “Disrupt Adversaries With Brand Intelligence.”