Product Updates: Complex Free Text Search Plus Event Detail and Timeline Overlays

Posted: 8th March 2013

Lots of new functionality to introduce this week including several features driven by your feedback! We introduced complex searching on free text terms, easy access to event details through a pop up, and the addition of a timeline overlay in the map view. Details and examples can be found below, and when you’re ready, log in and try out the latest!

Complex Free Text Searches


It’s now possible to search on multiple free text terms. This can be done in the advanced query panel (the magnifying glass icon), which supports the entry of more than one keyword linked with AND or OR functions. You can see how this works in the above image or try it live in Recorded Future via a timeline of data leaks at medical facilities during the past two weeks.

Direct Access to Event Details


You can now view all references behind an event without losing the context of the visualization. Just click an event and select “See References.” The pop-up contains all references that were analyzed to identify the event along with source information and a link to the original document. The list is organized by publication time, so it’s possible to see what was written both before and after the event took place. The list is designed so that it’s easy to copy and paste for annotations. Try it out with this view of predictions about a new iPhone launch.

Timeline Overlay in the Map View


A timeline is now displayed as an overlay on the map view when multiple events are happening at that location during the selected time range. Just click the pie chart at a particular location and you’ll get the timeline to pop up! Try it out in this view of recent events in Mali.

Want to check out the latest? Sign in to or register for Recorded Future, and let us know what you think!