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Using Threat Intelligence to Battle Ransomware in the Public Sector

September 4, 2019 • The Recorded Future Team

Recorded Future's Allan Liska and Stu Solomon explore why state CISOs need to better manage risk and discuss the essential role of threat intelligence.

Crowdsourcing Phishing Defenses for Herd Immunity

September 3, 2019 • Zane Pokorny

Josh Kamdjou, co-founder of Sublime Security, addresses the widespread security issues of phishing and spearphishing by offering open source tools.

Making Threat Intelligence Actionable at the Executive Level (Part 3)

• The Recorded Future Team

Learn how threat intelligence can help CISOs present information in a way that executives can easily interpret and use to defend against cyberattacks.

Speaking via Omission: RT’s Primary Coverage in English and Russian

August 29, 2019 • Insikt Group®

Insikt Group analyzes Recorded Future’s collection of references from RT to assess if any differences exist between reporting in English and Russian.

State and Local Governments Are Being Held Hostage: What Can Be Done?

August 28, 2019 • The Recorded Future Team

During a recent webinar, Allan Liska explored the underlying motivations and common TTPs of threat actors who attack public sector institutions.

Hong Kong Protests and the Rise of Online Influence Operations

August 27, 2019 • Zane Pokorny

Recent protests in Hong Kong show a trend in online influence operations. Priscilla Moriuchi discusses Beijing's attempts to influence Western perceptions.

Protecting the Retail Industry With Real-Time Threat Intelligence

• The Recorded Future Team

We examine the retail industry’s cyber landscape and explain how these organizations can use threat intelligence to overcome common security challenges.

Chinese State Media Seeks to Influence International Perceptions of Hong Kong Protests

August 22, 2019 • Insikt Group®

Insikt Group analyzes data to determine how the Chinese state exploits social media to influence Western public perceptions of the Hong Kong protests.

Return to Normalcy: False Flags and the Decline of International Hacktivism

August 21, 2019 • Insikt Group®

Insikt Group analyzes reports of historical hacktivism events to share insight into the shifting targets and players in the hacktivism space.

The ROI Security Leadership Can Expect From Threat Intelligence (Part 2)

August 20, 2019 • The Recorded Future Team

Learn how security teams and executives can work together to prioritize threat protection and mitigation efforts while allocating the necessary resources.