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An Inside Look at How Insikt Group Produces Leading Threat Research

December 18, 2018 • Maggie McDaniel

Maggie McDaniel shares insight into Insikt Group's team organization, various areas of expertise, and key pipelines used for threat research production.

Leadership and Buy-In Help Protect BT’s Global Networks

December 17, 2018 • Amanda McKeon

Mark Hughes, the CEO of BT from 2013 to 2018, shares how he earns buy-in from his board of directors, the importance of threat intelligence, and more.

The Unfolding History of Japanese-Speaking Underground Communities

December 14, 2018 • Tomoki Tanaka

In collaboration with a Japanese security researcher, Insikt Group explores the capabilities, cultures, and organization of Japanese hacking communities.

Fortifying the Cybersecurity of Federal Agencies With the CDM Program

December 13, 2018 • Zane Pokorny

Learn why Recorded Future has been approved to deliver critical cyber capabilities in support of the Department of Homeland Security’s CDM program.

Reframe Your Threat Intelligence With These 3 Analytical Frameworks

December 12, 2018 • Zane Pokorny

This excerpt from our new book explains how a few key analytical frameworks can help you better understand threat intelligence and defend against attackers.

How Relativity Integrates Threat Intelligence Throughout the Security Function

December 11, 2018 • The Recorded Future Team

At RFUN 2018, three cybersecurity experts from Relativity gave a presentation on how to successfully integrate threat intelligence into an organization.

Bringing Collaboration to Real-Time Data Feeds

December 10, 2018 • Amanda McKeon

King & Union's Aaron Gee-Clough discusses the benefits and challenges of bringing actionable threat intelligence to small and mid-sized organizations.

How to Reinforce Your Security Operations Center With Threat Intelligence

December 7, 2018 • Nick McNulty

Nick McNulty explains how equipping a SIEM with threat intelligence can help ensure that security operations analysts are only reacting to credible threats.

Who’s Stealing Your Data? Preventing Fraud With Threat Intelligence

December 5, 2018 • Zane Pokorny

This excerpt from our book explains how threat intelligence can help prevent fraud and give insight into cybercriminal tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Why Threat Intelligence Should Make Businesses Smarter, Not More Scared

December 4, 2018 • Chris Pace

At RFUN 2018, A.J. Nash of Symantec gave an insightful presentation describing how his team has been able to build an effective cyber intelligence program.