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How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping the Future of Open Source Intelligence

January 9, 2019 • The Recorded Future Team

At RFUN 2018, Nathan McKeldin of the U.S. Army gave a presentation on the many applications artificial intelligence can have in open source intelligence.

Reapers, Cryptos, and More: Our Top 5 Research Pieces From 2018

January 8, 2019 • Zane Pokorny

Stepping into the new year, we highlight some of our best research pieces and most substantial findings produced by our team of threat analysts in 2018.

Putting Artificial Intelligence to Work

January 7, 2019 • Zane Pokorny

Tom Davenport, world-renowned thought leader and author, discusses artificial intelligence and more with Recorded Future's chief data scientist, Bill Ladd.

Threat Analyst Insights: Eating Your Threat Intelligence Veggies

January 4, 2019 • Briana Manalo

Briana Manalo explains the key ingredients needed to consistently produce substantial and high-value threat intelligence, however mundane they may seem.

Tips for Turning Bad Indicators of Compromise Into Good Ones

January 3, 2019 • Adrian Porcescu

At RFUN 2018, Adrian Porcescu explained how making better use of indicators' associated context can transform them into good indicators of compromise.

Threat Analyst Insights: My 5 Least Favorite Words in Threat Intelligence

January 2, 2019 • David Carver

At RFUN 2018, David Carver discussed certain words that come up in threat intelligence writing that have the potential to affect its value and message.

Pioneering Proactive Approaches to Power Protection

December 31, 2018 • Amanda McKeon

Andrew Kling, senior director of cybersecurity at Schneider Electric, shares his professional journey and stresses the importance of threat intelligence.

Drafting First-Round Picks for an All-Star Threat Intelligence Team

December 26, 2018 • Zane Pokorny

This excerpt from our new book explains what exactly goes into creating a team within your organization specifically committed to threat intelligence.

Key Success Factors for Mapping Your Threat Intelligence Journey

December 20, 2018 • Zane Pokorny

This excerpt from our book explains why anyone starting a journey toward implementing threat intelligence should first have their final destination in mind.

Does It Burn When You Leak? Using Threat Intelligence to Find Lost Data

December 19, 2018 • Zane Pokorny

At RFUN 2018, Zachary Hinkel of Hogan Lovells explained an example of how credentials and data can leak out of networks, and how Recorded Future can help.