Mapping Future High-Speed Rail Projects

Posted: 30th November 2012
Mapping Future High-Speed Rail Projects

Map-of-the-companies-and-locations-with-future-high-speed-rail-projects.png Global future high-speed rail projects colored by company

The above map shows a live view from Recorded Future plotting the locations mentioned for proposed or planned high-speed rail projects around the world. The individual locations are colored according to the organizations and companies related to the future project in that location.

Here are a few highlights, but click around the live view yourself to see what you can find:

  • Although politically orientated disputes had arisen over the construction of a new high-speed railway line connecting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel Railways announced that the building of the high-speed rail is scheduled to commence in 2017.
  • The $293bn plan envisions 16,000km of dedicated high-speed rail lines connecting all of China’s major cities by 2020.
  • By 2015, about 75 percent of the route between Chicago and St. Louis is expected to have high speed rail service, saving commuters about 55 minutes from current travel times.

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