Google Maps Overlay, Data Export, and More Product Updates

Posted: 3rd February 2012
Google Maps Overlay, Data Export, and More Product Updates

We’re very excited to share another wave of major Recorded Future Premium product updates that emerged directly from feedback provided by our users (keep it coming!). The new developments include:

Google Earth Overlay


The “Earth” tab plots geographic references onto Google Earth. The size of an icon is based on number of events by location, and selecting any event icon will give you the underlying details. Above, you can see an example describing the locations where world leaders are expected to travel during the next 30 days.

Export Results to CSV and KML


The export tool enables you to access the underlying data of up to 500 records (basically, what you see in the results for any query). The “Export” link can be found at the bottom left of the event results. You can create a CSV file containing sentiment and momentum scores, source URLs, co-referenced entities, and more, or a KML file for use in Google Earth.

Source Map Views for Authors and Entity Types


We’ve added two segments to the Source Maps tab for analysis of authors reporting on particular events as well as the entities mentioned in those events. Hover over any block in the Source Maps or dot in the Network graph to get more detail.

The legend describes sizing for each treemap: authors (and other source-related views) are sized by number of events first reported while the “Entities by type” view is sized by volume of references .

Entity Details Available in Network


There are additional data points behind many of the entities identified by Recorded Future. Just to name a few, this metadata could include a position of employment, an industry, an overarching technology or location details. These details, when available, are now displayed in the network view when you hold your mouse over any of the displayed entities.

Let us know what you think!

We’d love to get your feedback on these updates and hear about your successful research. If all of this is new to you, go ahead and get started with a free, two week trial of Recorded Future, and then leave us a comment once you’ve tried things out.