New Annotation Functionality in Recorded Future
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Effortlessly Create Ready-to-Share Intelligence Products With New Annotation Features

March 5, 2014 • Chris

We recently rolled out enhanced annotation functionality in Recorded Future so that analyst commentary on visualizations can be directly linked to specific events. In addition to serving as a useful visual cue, users can now switch between visualizations, as well as share and export, without sacrificing the context provided by their annotations.

How to Use Annotations

Annotating events in Recorded Future is now as simple as a single click. The “add as annotation” option available in information about an event applies that text to the relevant event in the timeline, network, and map visualizations. You can now directly link annotations to a particular event!

By linking annotations to specific events, context is seamlessly passed between visualizations (say you move from the timeline to the map) and also makes for less work post-export. Links between annotation and event are retained in shared views, reports, and exports.

The above image is an example of those annotations put to use in a timeline of cyber attacks against South Korean targets during the past four years. The query calls for information about cyber events related to South Korea and its government. The results are displayed in the timeline view; you can review the different timeline elements as you experiment with the live visualization.

Additional Examples of Annotations

To get you thinking about the potential for this new annotation functionality, we want to share a few additional examples.

The growing crisis in Ukraine has the world on watch. Below you’ll see a map and timeline that we’ve marked up to indicate areas of conflict and military activity in Ukraine outside of Kiev. The flurry of activity in Crimea and persistent violent protests in Kiev stand out, but we can also identify and monitor events taking place in other locations around the country.

The annotation functionality is particularly useful for creating distribution-ready intelligence products for sharing with fellow analysts or dropping into a weekly or monthly report. You can even build them out over time by editing the views from your saved reports and adding new annotations about important events as they occur.

Ready to try it yourself? Bookmark the how-to article on our support site and then login to your Recorded Future account.

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